Grenfell Tower fire: No prosecutions for subletting of flats, government promises - BBC News

Legal guidance telling prosecutors not to bring charges for subletting given the "public interest" in identifying the victims has been issued by the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders.

"It is a priority for investigators to establish who was in Grenfell Tower on that tragic day and it is crucial that we do everything possible to support them," she said.

The decision was made alongside the Attorney General, Jeremy Wright QC, who added: "Every piece of information will help the authorities accurately identify who was in the flats at the time of the fire.

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Further evidence of the “stagnating” housing market (May 2017)

According to the Halifax, property prices in the UK are beginning to drop and their economist has stated that this may be due to property just being too expensive for the majority of people.

The Halifax have reported that the average cost of a house or flat is now approximately £219,649.

We have mentioned before, here on our blog, that there is presently a shortage of housing generally in the UK which is also considered to be contributing to our dwindling housing market.

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Stagnant Housing Market? - 18th April 2017

A recent survey undertaken by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has indicated that property sales in March 2017 were stagnant and that there is currently a major shortage of property on the market.

Due to the housing stock shortage, property prices in some areas are accelerating although interest and sales enquiries across the board remain on the low side.

Conversely, in the lettings market, there was a noted increase in demand (Although still modest in comparison to this time last year).

On the whole, a fairly gloomy start to this new financial year for the property market…

Is there any real justification for “Leasehold”?

(10th April 2017)

It has today been commented upon, in the news, that nearly 50% of new properties sold in the UK are sold with Leasehold (rather than Freehold) title. These Leasehold property owners can find themselves in a position where the ground rent and service charges are increasing year upon year.

There is a strong argument as to whether it is at all necessary for a new house to be a sold with Leasehold title.

This has been highlighted in today’s news and therefore will hopefully open the door for further debate in this area.



The Family law team attended 30 Park Place Family Finance Spring Talk at the St David’s Hotel Cardiff Bay on Friday 3rd March 2017.

It was a very informative afternoon with the Barristers from 30 Park Place discussing topics covering The Partnership Act 1890 and Land; Piercing the corporate Veil- Can company assets be attacked directly: Instructing an Expert-The rules and more and Company Assets – Some imaginative Solutions that the court can order. A forensic Accountant also talked about The Common Pitfalls of instructing a forensic Accountant and how to avoid them. Whoever thought an accountant would be entertaining!!  The event explained how Solicitors can ensure that the husband/wife cannot hide substanital sums of money in their companies when going through a divorce.  It also covered how to deal with disputes over prize livestock, agricultural properties and other difficult assets to divide when there is a matrimonial dispute.

it is a complex issue, but very interesting, it is important that the spouse obtains a fair share of the matrimonial assets where ever they are hidden.  If you have a problem with a spouse hiding their assets, then it is important to speak to an expert.  Perhaps call me 'Lisa Evans' at Newbolds for advice and guidance.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I am happy to share my thoughts on the subject.       

The Family Team at Newbold’s are committed to providing a high level of service to our clients and recognise the need to keep updated on complex issues so we can advise all client’s including those with a high net worth.

A glass of vino in the bar afterwards was an enjoyable way for the team to end another very busy week….




Unfortunately, when this happens it can have a knock-on effect with the Landlords mortgage payments, the Landlord can get him/herself into financial difficulty.  It is far better for all concerned if this is dealt with as soon as the tenant is late with a payment.  The first way to deal with it is by an informal friendly conversation with the tenant, it could be something as simple as a bank account being changed, if there is no response, perhaps a formal letter from a Solicitors firm.  If you still do not get a reply, serving a notice may be the only way to show the tenant that you are serious and they must now rectify the problem.  There are two notices you can serve, the one that is right for you does depend on whether you would like the tenant to leave and you are not willing to enter a suspended possession order with them, or you would like the tenant to have the opportunity of coming to a formal agreement with you, that can be placed into a court order.  It can be difficult to know which procedure to follow, which ultimately provides you the result that is both practical and commercial.  You can contact us at and we would happily provide you with 30 minutes detailed advice giving you a practical jargon free solution.  It is £50.00 plus vat, and at the end of the meeting (whether by phone or email), you can serve the notice yourself and know which way you should be heading with this issue.  It is important to act quickly because it is easier for a tenant to pay a small amount back to a Landlord, rather than a large amount that may never recover.


TENANT EVICTION: HOW TO SERVE A NOTICE, WHICH NOTICE SHOULD I SERVE? It really depends on several factors, for example, has your tenant breached any of the terms of his/her tenancy agreement with you? Is the tenant likely to file a defence (even a defence that has no merit) this can make the eviction process protracted? Have you as a Landlord complied with all your legal obligations (e.g. have you registered a bond in time, is there any disrepair?). The most straightforward way to obtain eviction is by serving a S21 notice, even though it is for 2 months, once the 2 months has expired, the tenant should vacate, if they do not, if all the paperwork is in order, then you can apply for accelerated possession, a straightforward and relatively quick procedure. However, if your tenant has breached a term of the tenancy, you may need a judgement against him/her (e.g. rent arrears or damage over and above the bond), in which case a S8 notice should be served for 2 weeks. 2 weeks obviously is better than the 2 months for a S21 notice, but unlike the S21 notice there is always a Court hearing. You may decide that the tenant is usually considered to be a good tenant but has simply fallen behind with his/her rent, in which case a S8 notice with a suspended possession order may be better for you both. We appreciate that this can be complex, so at Newbold Solicitors we offer £50.00 fixed fee for 30 minutes advice on how to serve the notice, which one is the most practical for you and any other housing related issue you may have.


Newbold Solicitors have relocated their Cwmbran office to extensive new offices on the Avondale Estate.  We are able to provide our Clients with excellent dissabled facilities, 5 interview rooms and extensive free parking.  We would love all our Clients to visit our new premises and (hopefully) enjoy the new facilities we have there.  We will be publishing photographs shortly so please keep following our blogs. 


Obtaining legal advice can be daunting because experienced Solicitors can be expensive.  Some Solicitors charge from £200.00 per hour.  When you contact them they can ask for £500.00 on account of their costs even before they provide you with any useful advice.  If you are a Landlord or a Tenant, you will be aware that housing law is very complex and is ever changing with new legislation coming into force all the time.  There is different legislation in Wales to England, if you have a property on the boarder, which legislation applies to you? and are you aware of the new rules for Rent Smart Wales?  We at Newbold’s recognise this and in order to help our clients, an experienced Solicitor will discuss any housing issue you have for £50.00 (ex vat) for a 30 minutes telephone appointment.  During the 30 minutes you will come away with practical plain and simple advice.  In order to take advantage of this scheme, please call one of our housing advisors today.  Visit and please call us, one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will return your call.