Caerphilly Business Awards 2011 Finalist

Catherine Watkins was shortlisted as a finalist in the Caerphilly Business Awards 2011. Catherine Watkins was nominated for the award due to the success of her law firm in a time of world wide recession. Catherine firmly believes that providing you can offer a unique, client focused service you will become a success. You need a team of enthusiastic dedicated employees who are able to offer the service that ensures repeat clients. Catherine has experienced her own difficult times but has come through them with resilience, the ability to use all her life experience to advise others, to be sympathetic yet firm, and strongly believes that there are no problems, just solutions which sometimes challenge us, but will not beat us. In 12 months, Catherine and her business partner Maurice have been able to employ 15 staff and be responsible for three very busy offices. The firm has become a market leader in housing and conveyancing advice despite the gloomy forecasts we all endure on the news each night. We hope that our clients come with us on our journey of success.