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Can I buy or sell my own house? The conveyancing process



conveyancing quality foot smallIf you have purchased a property, you are looking to sell your  home or transfer it, you will be looking for a lawyer to guide you through the process.  We know this is a concern for you because with so many lawyers offering a conveyancing service, how can you choose one?   Buying or selling your home is very stressful because it is one of your biggest assets.  For that reason you need to instruct a professional, who understands how important this process is for you and will make sure that (as much as anyone can) that the process is stress free. 

In order to find your Solicitors firm it is important that you only instruct a law firm with the conveyancing quality mark, Newbold’s are very proud to have the accreditation, it evidences that you have chosen a firm with a high level of professionalism.  You also need to instruct a firm that can act for the lender (if you are purchasing a property). Lenders have panels, if a law firm is not on a panel it cannot act for you in the transaction.  Newbold’s is on all the major panels.

You also need to instruct a firm with experience in volume conveyancing who can deal with the transaction with the minimum fuss, a firm that can offer you a case handler that is friendly, approachable and is committed to make your transaction go through quickly, smoothly and efficiently.  After all, we want you to recommend Newbold's services to your family, friends and work colleagues.  It is only through recommendation that a department can grow.   Please read Newbold testimonial page for the feed back received from other clients.    

Newbold’s are one of the busiest conveyancing law firms in the country.  The reason for our growth is our service, 97% of our customer would recommend our service.

Newbold's operate teams of three, they consist of a qualified and very experienced conveyancing lawyer, a qualified but a little less experienced assistant and a support team member.  The support team member is most often working towards a conveyancing qualification.  Having teams of three ensures that there is always someone in the team who can answer your questions, put your mind at ease, progress your sale or purchase and if one member of the team is on annual leave, there is no disruption to our clients file.

There are teams of three in each office, so you can choose the office that you want to instruct, and choose the team by going to our meet the team page and reading their profiles. 

The teams are carefully selected and reviewed, we know how customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of Newbold's work and every member is regularly appraised and trained.

So whether you are:

·         Buying a property
·         Selling your property
·         Transferring it
·         Renting it out
·         Whether it is a residential property or a commercial property

The team you instruct can offer you:

·         Fixed fees
·         No hidden charges
·         A fast and efficient service
·         A solution rather than just reporting problems
·         A sympathetic and approachable service

Newbold success is built around our clients transaction, so please call one of their teams and speak to a lawyer for a quotation.  Newbolds always compare market fees, they try and match competitors but rarely, they may not always be the cheapest quote you will receive, but they can assure you that they will be one of the best in client care.  Whilst the team appreciate that every pound saved when purchasing a property is very important, Newbolds believe that quality of service is also an important factor in Clients decisons on who to instruct. 

We are one of the only law firms that can complement our conveyancing department with a housing department.  We have a national leading landlord and tenant department, so if you are buying to rent a property, Newbolds can offer initial free advice to all landlords.  Renting is a minefield, it is worth asking to speak to a member of their housing team for a free legal assessment ensuring that you get the initial process right; mistakes can cost a landlord thousands in lost rental income, fines and damages.   

If you are buying, selling or transferring your property then your assets will have changed.  You may want to look to draft a will to protect your assets and ensure that they go to the people who you want them to go to.  It is something that many of us put off, especially with our busy lives, but it is important to make a will, store it in a safe place and then forget about it.   If you marry and then divorce you will need a new will, especially if you have children to consider.  If you are in a civil partnership you may also want to ensure the person that you love and care for are looked after.  However, if you decide to take that step and draft a will or amend an old one, then our wills and probate department will guide you through the difficult process.