Family Law

How to complete your divorce

There is nothing in life as stressful as a divorce, separation or a child dispute.  It is an area of law that requires a solicitor you can trust, one who can offer you sympathy, understanding and who will never judge you.  But the most important aspect of our work is being a solicitor who listens to you and works with you to get you the result you need to move on with your life.  We can fight for you and your child, but we do not push you down a road you do not wish to go down, or you are not ready to follow, if you want us to fight, then we will, if you want us to help reconcile then we will, you are the client, we represent you or your child and we help you achieve the result you want and at the same time protect your interests.

It can be hard to deal with your own divorce, you may be unfamiliar with the documents for a divorce petition, you may not be aware what you can or cannot achieve at Court or mediation and accept an amount far less than you are likely to get with a talented lawyer, but we also appreciate that cost is an issue for you.  You have to feel that it is worth instructing your solicitor, that you obtained value for money.  For that reason we offer practical help and guidance and do not suggest you make unrealistic court applications and fight for a result you may never obtain.

In order to help you with the cost of instructing us we also offer fixed fees for our divorces, our family team will be able to discuss the fees with you if you call them or email them.

If you have any issues with the following, our team of lawyers will help you achieve the best result for you:

·         Obtaining or defending a divorce
·         Dealing with the financial aspects of distributing the assets
·         Separating
·         Civil partnership agreements
·         Contact and residence order for children matters
·         Child support issues
·         Child Abduction
·         Domestic violence matters
·         Occupation orders (removing the perpetrator from the home)
·         Pre-nup’s and cohabitation agreements

Once you have obtained the result you want, you may want to consider making a will to protect your children or othr loved ones.  Divorce makes a previous will invalid, and the same team who assisted you with your divorce, can help you write a new will for as little as £100.00 plus vat.  Please speak to your divorce lawyer or contact our wills and probate department. 

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