Fixed Fee Contact & Residence

Following the breakdown of a relationship, child contact disputes can quickly arise, especially if one or both parents have entered a new relationship in the meantime.

Here at Newbold Solicitors, we offer a specialist service for all types of contact and residence disputes, along with sympathetic and realistic advice. We respectfully request that our standard questionnaire is completed before scheduling an appointment.

10 Minute telephone Consultation FREE
Or, 1 hour consultation with a Solicitor for £100.00 per hour or a trainee Solicitor for £75.00 per hour plus vat.  At the meeting we explain to you how you can resolve your contact/residency problem, the process, the fee and the chances of success.  If you wish to continue to instruct us, our on going fee is £180.00 plus vat for a Solicitor and £120.00 plus vat for a trainee solicitor.
At newbolds we fight tirelessly for the rights of every child and every parent/grandparent.  If you believe that the rights of your child is not being upheld, then please contact Lisa at 01633 874715 or email lisa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..    We will not judge any circumstances, we are here to help and advise whatever the issues maybe.