Serving Notices

How to serve a valid notice on your tenant

If you are a landlord and you wish to regain possession of your property from a tenant (because, for example, your tenant owes you rent) then you must first of all serve a notice. There are two main types of eviction notice: a Section 8 notice, which requires the tenant to vacate within 2 weeks (although some grounds may require 4 weeks), and a Section 21 notice, which gives the tenant 2 months to vacate.

A Section 8 notice has numerous grounds on which a landlord can serve a notice to a tenant. Some of the grounds are mandatory and some are discretionary. If a mandatory ground is made out, then the judge has no discretion and must order possession of your property; if a discretionary ground is made out, then the judge usually orders a suspended possession order. This means that, providing the tenant adheres to the terms of the order, he/she can remain in occupation, but if the tenant defaults, then he/she must leave.

A Section 21 notice is served when you simply wish to have your property back, but you are not looking for a judgement for a loss (for example, rent arrears or damage and unnecessary legal costs).

Serving a notice can be tricky, and knowing which one to serve and how to serve it can sometimes be difficult. Many cases are thrown out of court because a landlord or an agent has failed to serve a valid notice.

Newbold Solicitors will help you to serve a valid notice, and our costs are very reasonable indeed. Contact us today for more information.

Serving a notice
£75.00 plus VAT for one notice
£125.00 plus VAT for two noitces
Drafting court documents for possession
£250 plus VAT this includes all steps from the service of the notice right up to the defence being filed.
Sometimes claims can become complex, so we charge £120.00 per hour plus vat.  A standard possession from the expiry of the notice up to and including the Court hearing is approximately £400.00 plus vat and any disbursements, which is a lot less than losing a months rental income while you try and deal with the matter yourself and suffer delays and the court finding against you and a lot less than 95% of on line advice agents who are not even Solicitors, so cannot attend Court or sign documents on your behalf.
You can however agree with us a ceiling on costs where you decide how much you are prepared to pay in Solicitors costs and what stage of advice you require (for example, you will attend Court yourself and only want to instruct us to draft the documentation).     
Initial Advice
We always try and assist Landlords and provide them with the best possible advice and assistance, which is both practical and in plain english.  It is not always possible to provide this inforamtion in the 10 minute free telephone advice.  We do however offer Landlords a £50.00 plus VAT fixed fee for a 30 minute telephone consultation, which can, roll over to 45 minutes.   We can take the card payment over the phone and agree a convenient time for you when we can arrange a telephone consultaion and ensure you are dealing with the matter professionally and cost effectively.

Excludes court fees and general advice. Letters (outside standard letters) and general advice are charged at £120.00 per hour plus vat.

Fee quotes includes documents up but not including the court hearing. If you wish us to attend the court hearing and complete work thereafter it is charged at £120.00 per hour excluding court fee.