Contract disputes

What is a contract?

A contract is an offer, an acceptance and consideration.  It does not have to be in writing, but it certainly helps if it is.
A contract is legally binding by the parties who enter into it, you should always carefully read every contract before signing.  Some terms and conditons are written so small and are contained in between pages of paragraphs that look too daunting to read, and you may feel pressurised to sign, but always read terms and conditons before you sign them.  Take a contract away so you can take your time to read it.  If you are at all concerned about its contents then ask someone who is legally qualified to read through the terms and conditions.

What happens when there is a dispute?

Instruct a solicitor who can read through the contract and advice about its legality, who can offer you practical plain and simple advice about whether you need to honour the contract or whether you can enforce its terms.
It is always practical to reach a solution as early as possible, by way of a pre-action letter, mediation or by old fashioned negotiation.  No one loves going to court, it can be stressful and it can be costly, but we aim to make it as smooth as possible for you.  We look at ways to win your case without the need to attend a trial, by putting forward offers to settle known as Part 36 offers, we look at getting you judgement in default or summary judgment where we feel the defendant has no valid defence.
We always look at proprtionality and make sure that instrucing our litigation team is worth your time, money and effort.  Our success is through our clients success.
We have an excellent record of winning, we have brought claims against the biggest law firms in central London and have been successful. We undertake work in the small claims court, the fast track, the multi track and up to the court of appeal.
We may be able to undertake work on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, please ask one of our litigators to advise you. If we cannot take on your particular work on a no win no fee basis, we can offer you repayment terms that you should find acceptable to your financial circumstances.
You will not find a team of lawyers who are more on your side, who care about you winning and care about their reputation more than Newbolds.  Please call us if we can help.

Are you paying an unfair professional invoice?

Have you instructed a Solicitor, Surveyor, Accountant and felt their bill did not reflect your agreement or met your expectations?   

One thing we hate at Newbolds is professionals who offer their service asking unrealistic fees, who suprise you with unexpected invoices and then try and bully you into settling them. 

Most professionals are guided by professional ethics, they often have to adhere to codes of conduct.  if you feel that the person that you have instructed has not acted in a professional and fair way, you may not have to pay their invoices.

At Newbolds we want to assist you to obtain a fair and reasonable arrangement with your professional, we can look at the documents that you have and assess whether you should pay or whether you should not.  Sometimes we suggest you pay something towards their fees.

If your documents are only a few pages, then we are happy to assess them for free, if you have a considerable amount of documents, we may ask that you pay us a nominal amount on account of us looking at the documents for you.

We are more than happy to meet with you, or contact you over the telephone or via email.  We do want to assist you to get the best possible outcome for you.




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