How does mediation work?

Providing high quality family mediation in Cwmbran, Barry Blackwood and Neath.


Divorce/separation is rarely easy. The breakdown of a relationship can be devastating to those involved. We believe we can help you cut the time cost and agony of Divorce.
Many separating couples would like to come to an agreement over their children and financial affairs without going to court. We have plenty of experience of the pitfalls of going through the courts.


Mediation is a voluntary process that facilitates the resolution of disputes without having to go to court. It can only take place if both people are willing to commit to resolving the dispute in this way. The fact it is voluntary reflects the understanding that the two of you are jointly in charge of what you do.
We can provide an environment where all those involved can safely express their feelings and needs. We can assist you in the search for a workable outcome that provides a permanent solution cost effectively. We will work with you to move towards a dignified outcome that works for you and your family.
Our mediator Lisa Evans, is an accredited mediator and an expert in divorce advice and dispute resolution. She is able to provide mediation information and assessment meetings (MIAMS) and to sign court forms. To speak to Lisa or arrange an appointment for an initial meeting call 01633 874715.


•    To help you clarify the issues and focus you to achieve a resolution that suits you both
•    To help you discuss matters constructively
•    To give each of you the opportunity to be heard
•    To provide you with impartial legal in formation
•    To ensure you fully understand each other’s financial situation and to receive the correct information regarding your options
•    To enable you to receive independent legal advice upon any proposals before they are made into a court order
•    To write your final agreement & ensure all documents have been fully disclosed to the other party & evidenced within the agreement.

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Initial Assessment meeting FREE
Court forms £50 plus Vat
Mediation Session £100 plus Vat per person per hour
Preparing written agreements £100 plus Vat per hour
The average mediation is 2-4 sessions. Payment is required at the start of each session.