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How to make a claim against my landlord: property disrepair

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Bringing claims for disrepair, harassment or your landlord evicting you unlawfully can be very expensive.  Some tenants simply cannot afford the cost and it is often considered too complicated to bring the claim yourself.  With the changes to legal aid and a lack of any free advice for tenant issues, it can be impossible to improve your living conditions. So if you are renting privately or from a Local Authority or Housing Association and you need free advice on housing tenant issues, then please speak to our team.  At Newbolds we have a unique service available for most tenants:



•    You have been living in a property where there is damp
•    You have no heating, your electricity is being cut off, your house is cold
•    There is damage to the property and the landlord will not repair it.
•    The landlord is not licenced, your bond has not been registered
•    Your landlord is threatening or harassing you
•    Your landlord has evited you without serving you a S8 or S21 notice or
      obtaining a court order or a warrant for a bailiff
•    Suffering from poor health due to disrepair


We will make an initial assessment of your claim and if it meets our criteria (and most do), we will be able to help and advise you on a no win no fee arrangement with an insurance policy to protect you from any costs being made by your landlord. 

Please ask one of our housing team for further information.  We are here to help you in a non-judgmental, sympathetic way.  With a 97% success rate, we are happy to recover you the compensation you deserve, resolve the issues you are facing and improve your living conditions.

If you do not qualify for no win no fee, we also have a damaged based agreement we can discuss with you as well as other means of paying your solicitors costs to bring a claim.


If you have paid a bond/deposit, (it may even have been referred to as an 'administration fee'), it must have been registered by your landlord is a regulated deposit protection service.  You can easily check whether your bond has been registered by going to the web site www.depositprotection.com'    or 'the Tenancy  Deposit Scheme' otherwise known as 'my deposit' which can be found at www.tenancydepositscheme.com'.  

If your deposit has not been registered and you paid the deposit after 2011, then you may well be entitled to not only your deposit returned, but up to three times the amount of your deposit by way of damages/compensation.

At Newbolds we find that most of the time we write a letter to the Landlord explaining the law and nothing else is required, it usually resolves the issue quickly and the tenant is paid the bond plus some compensation/damages.  Occassionally we have to take the Landlord to Court. If a tenant has to take a Landlord to court it can be daunting prospect.  We at Newbolds maybe able to assist you with our  NO WIN NO FEE service.   We may even recover all our costs from the Landlord which means you may have to pay us very little for recovering the bond for you.

You may also be able to remain in occupation of your property because until the bond dispute to dealt with, your Landlord may not be entitled to recover possession.

If you have any queries then please speak to one of our Housing team who will be very happy to help you resolve the matter. 

Some general questions and answers:

So what do I do if I am living in a property where there is disrepair?

  • first of all contact your Landlord or his/her agent and report the disrepair.  Keep a record of who you contacted, when and what they said to you.
  • Your landlord has a reasonable time to make the repairs, but if you feel that your landlord is ignoring you or not taking the probelm seriously then you should take photographs of the disrepair and keep a diary
  • contact your Environmental Health department and ask them to attend your property and inspect your living conditions.
  • Contact Newbolds for help with forcing your Landlord to make the repairs.
  • Newbolds no win no fee means that it will cost you nothing to bring a claim against your landlord, it also protects you if you lose your claim.
  • You may have suffered a personal injury from the living conditions, if you have, then attend your GP as medical evidence may be required at a later date.
  • Whatever you do, try not to get upset or anxious, we at Newbolds are used to dealing with these matters and we can help you resolve them.  

What should i do if my landlord has changed the locks and/or is harrassing me?

  • You must not put up with this type of behaviour.  It is unlawful and the courts are there to protect you.
  • You should advise your Landlord that his actions are illegal and you will be contacting a Solicitor to help you if he continues to act like this.
  • Contact Newbolds because we can take out an urgent injunction that will force your landlord to allow you access, stop him from harrassing you and order him/her to pay you damages (compensation).
  • A landlord can NEVER evict you without a Court Order, he/she can NEVER enter your property without your consent (unless there is an emergency e.g. a gas leak).  So you really do not need to put up with this.  Everyone should be living in a property in peaceful enjoyment.