Wills and Probate


This is an area of law that people often do not want to discuss, it is suprising how many people have not written their wills, how many people put off the day.  However, if you die without a will, you can often fail to protect your loved ones, you can often leave them without knowing your wishes and this can result in family disputes and you leave your loved ones with the burden of sorting out your estate.

If you have divorced, then any will you have written before will be invalid, if you marry and your will was written before your marriage (and was not made in contemplation of the marriage) it will be invalid.  If you do not make a will and after you have died your widow or widower remarries, then children may not be protected.  If you purchase or sell assets then your will may need updating.

You may want to use a will from the internet, or a will pack from a stationers, but the law can be complex, if you get anything at all wrong on the will, then it makes the will invalid.  For as little as £120.00 plus vat, you can protect your family and friends after you have died.

Once you have written your will, you can forget it and simply get on living your life to its very best, knowing you have protected the people you care about.


The worst imaginable time is when a close relative or friend has died.  Nothing can be as stressful as this, it is not a time to be worried, confused or dealing with family members who are arguing over dividing the assets.  It is a time when you want to concentrate on remembering the good times you had together, and leaving the legal aspects to someone who you trust.  A lawyer who can offer you sympathy and understanding at this most difficult time.  A lawyer who is respectful and is available to help and guide you all and ensure that the desires of the deceased is carried out as they would have wished.

It is important that you feel you are instucting a lawyer who will only charge the estate for work they have done to carry out the wishes of the deceased, who charge a reasonable hourly rate, and who work with you so you can see what they have achieved and why they have charged you.

We at Newbolds have extensive experience of dealing with estates, we are a firm with a compassion and a moral approach to handling the sensitive matter for you.

If we can assist then please call and ask one of our team to contact you.

Power of Attorney

Unfortunately in an aging society, people can become too ill to deal with their financial affairs and possibly their health requirements and they may need assitance from a lawyer who they trust 100% to carry out their wishes and always act in their best interest.  It may not be as people age, a power of atorney can help younder people when they have have been diagnosed with a degenerative illness and they want an independent person to take the stress from their family and act on their behalf.

If you believe that a power of attorney is the right way forward for you or a loved one, then you do not have to concern yourself that someone can make your decisions when you are still able to do so, it can only be triggered when that person is unable to deal with their own matters and make their own decisions.

Many of our clients can enter a power of attorney and ask that a trusted member of their family represent their interests in the event that they can not.  Some client would rather someone independent  dealt with their affairs.  We are here to represent your interests however you wish them to be represented, we can offer you help and advice to decide if you need a power of attorney and how extensive you will need it.  Our team are here for you and your loved ones.  Please call us if we can assist you in any way.        

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