Some of you may recall the feature on Tilly the Ewe that appeared in the 16th November 2017 edition of the #Gem.   Well we have an update for you.

For those who missed it, it is a story of ‘Triumph over Adversity’; Tilly the ewe lives on the Elan Valley Estate in Mid Wales. In 2017, Tilly was critically ill with ‘twin lamb disease’. She was not a special Ewe, she would not stand out in the flock as you can see from the photo. But Tilly showed remarkable strength of character, resilience and a desire to live. Despite everything, Tilly survived. Only for a Partner of NewBold to be told, she would be going for dog meat!! That couldn’t happen, we pleaded for clemency, and now, Tilly has not only had a lamb last spring, but it was a very large, very healthy Ram (as you can see). Tilly is providing to be an excellent Mother. The Ram is called Tommy, and we hear from the Trust, who kindly provide us with updates, that he is being kept on the Estate as a ‘Tup’. Tilly has shown, that you can’t judge a book by its cover, and that you can Triumph Over Adversity if you have the desire to do so. Tilly is now being well cared for by Tudor in the Elan Valley and if anyone has visited the Valley, they will know how lucky Tilly and Tommy are.

NewBold Solicitors won the Triumph Over Adversity Award with the Federation of Small Business 2018/19, both Tilly and NewBold can evidence that great success can come after challenging time.



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