If you are a tenant and need housing advice, you will know how expensive it can be.  Sometimes if you are lucky enough to find an agency that will offer the advice, the level of support can often be weak.  It can leave you feeling isolated, it can result in many tenants living in unsuitable accommodation, or having to put up with Landlords who have little respect for the law.  There are agencies available you can go to, such as Shelter or the CAB, but they have restrictions on their own funding and you may find they are unable to offer you the free advice and support you need.  Some law firms do offer pro-bono advice, which basically means free advice, but they are rare.  Housing law is complex, the law changes often, so what can you do if you have a problem and you cannot afford a solicitor?  The first thing to do is check with the agencies mentioned above, if they cannot offer you the advice and support you need then phone Newbold Solicitors.  We will offer 10 minutes free advice and there are many payment options that may help you, such as NO WIN NO FEE or our deferred payment scheme.  Our website lists the various payment options available to you.  All is not lost, you can defend claims and you can bring claims against landlords without paying an upfront fee.

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