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When parties separate or divorce, there are often children to consider. Some issues that may arise as a consequence of the separation are:

  • Who will the child/children live with.
  • Contact with the child/children is being prevented.
  • One parent wishes the child/children’s name to be changed.
  • One parent wishes the school to be changed.
  • One parent wishes to take the child/children to another part of the country, even abroad.
  • There are issues with the child/children’s religion.
  • Issues over medical treatment.
  • Maybe you are unhappy about a new person who has recently come into the child/children’s life.
  • Grandparents may be worried about contact stopping.
  • The Court can grant the parent:
    • A child arrangement order (formerly a residence order)
    • A specific issue order (dealing with, for example, the child’s change of name)
    • A prohibitive steps order (e.g. preventing a person having access to the child)

It is important to always put the child’s best interest first. Our family department can help you through the process, explain to you the chances of obtaining the order and provide you with alternatives. At the same time, we will fight for the best outcome for the child.

Our experienced Solicitors offer friendly, non-judgmental and (where appropriate) non-confrontational approach. Everyone who instructs will never feel intimidated, discriminated against or feel that we are not on their side. Our Clients and our Solicitors have the same goal, getting the best for the family and the children.

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