Restrictions on your Property (Covenant)

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Imagine you buy a piece of land for your business, only to find that you are not entitled to run a business from your land and can’t even build any structures on the property. Unfortunately, such scenarios are not uncommon. The best way to avoid such a nightmare is to hire an experienced, competent, conveyancing lawyer to deal with your land transactions.

A covenant is a legally enforceable promise, contained in a land deed. The terms of the promise can bind successors in title, meaning that the previous owner of the land can make a promise regarding the land which you will have to keep.

Common covenants include:

  1. Not to build a building or structure on land
  2. Not allowing non-domestic animals to be kept on the property
  3. Restrictions on building plans

Each specific covenant affects what you can do with land you purchased, and as such, it can affect the value of the land.

Our highly experienced Conveyancing and Property Litigation Departments will not only help you buy the land you need but can also make sure that your land has all the necessary covenants it needs to function.

If you believe that your land is burdened by onerous or restrictive covenants, please call Property Advice Line to book a 40-minute consultation for only £60.00 including VAT.

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