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Whether you’re drafting a tenancy agreement or defending a claim brought against you by a tenant, Newbold’s specialist landlord solicitors will help you to resolve the situation quickly and with minimal fuss.

Housing law is an extremely complex area, and it can be difficult to understand. In spite of this, you’d be surprised by the number of landlords who attempt to serve notices, evict tenants, and attend court hearings on their own, only seeking legal advice when the case becomes complex and protracted.

This is a classic case of false economy – attempting to resolve an issue without legal advice will cause problems, and fixing these problems is often more costly than paying for an expert to draft the documents correctly in the first place. Additionally, if the procedure is incorrect from the outset, you will lose even more money due to tenants’ costs and lost rental income.

Newbold’s landlord solicitors have the expertise, the practical skills, and the up-to-date legal knowledge to provide you with commercially viable legal advice. Our advice is always plain and simple, and your costs and the results we achieve are always at the forefront of our mind. We have offices in Neath, Cwmbran, Barry and Blackwood.

We can advise landlords on:

  • Drafting an up-to-date tenancy agreement
  • Deciding whether or not a guarantor agreement is required
  • Handling bonds and deposits
  • Serving valid eviction notices
  • Defending any claim brought by the tenant
  • Getting a property back (repossession)

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for specific advice? Here are some of the questions that we commonly receive from landlords:

Q: How can I get my property back from my tenant?

A: You must first serve a Section 8 notice or Section 21 notice. Then, if the notice has expired and your tenant has failed to vacate the property, you must obtain a court order.

Q: My tenant owes me rent – what can I do?

A: If your tenant owes you rent, you should try and resolve the problem amicably. If you are unable to do so, you should serve a Section 8 notice on your tenant. This will give the tenant 2 weeks to rectify the problem (i.e. pay the outstanding rent); if they still fail to pay, you should consider issuing possession proceedings.

Q: My tenant has damaged my property! What should I do?

A: Firstly, you should give your tenant the opportunity to repair the damage. Take photographs of the damage, and get quotes for the repair – if necessary, you will then be able to deduct the cost of repairs from the tenant’s bond or deposit (if you collected one). If the damage was done on purpose, you may feel that your trust in the tenant has been damaged, in which case you can decide to serve a notice and evict your tenant.

Q: How can I evict a lodger?

A: A lodger has no security and they can simply be asked to leave with a written notice. If the lodger pays monthly, you will usually have to give them one week’s notice. If, on the other hand, you are wondering how to evict a tenant, the matter becomes more complicated – see How can I get my property back from my tenant?’ above.

Further Advice for Landlords

When you’re a landlord, mistakes can cost many thousands of pounds, so you should always seek advice from an expert. Many online firms who offer legal advice are not professional landlord solicitors – your case will either be transferred to a solicitor with no knowledge of your circumstances, or the firm will leave you when you need them most (forceful advocacy at court).

Tenants are provided with access to free legal advice on the day of the court hearing and you never know what issues they may try and raise, so please consider the benefits of instructing Newbold Solicitors before you decide to undertake this complex process yourself.

Find your nearest Newbold office and make an enquiry. Our talented landlord solicitors have a lot of experience with cases like yours, and we would be more than happy to help you.

We can draft a tenancy agreement for you for as little as £75 plus VAT, contact our Housing Litigation team on 0330 123 1131 to find out more.