Disrepair Claims

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Living in a rental property when you are suffering from damp, faulty services (gas, heating, water), or general disrepair, can not only affect your mental health, but can also affect your general health and that of your family.

No one deserves to live in a property that is unhealthy for them, but some unscrupulous Landlords will happily receive rental income but ignore a tenant’s reasonable requests to remedy the repairs. You may be eligible for damages (compensation) as well as forcing your Landlord to make good any disrepair.

Public funding (Legal Aid) is becoming very difficult to obtain, due to cuts in funding, it is only a very small number of tenants who are offered legal aid to bring such cases.

We have a service that is able to offer a solution to your funding problems. We have a unique NO WIN NO FEE service. We do not ask you for our fees upfront, we only charge if we are successful and it is usual that your Landlord pays our costs. There may be some costs that do come out of any damages (compensation) that you receive, but we will always explain this to you at the outset, and always ensure that they are fair and transparent. If you are unsuccessful (which is very rare), then we have a unique insurance policy an (ATE) that we can arrange which will pay the Landlords costs. The insurance is free if you are unsuccessful.

We understand that you may love the area that you live in, you may have children that are settled in local schools, and the last thing you need is to be evicted as a result of making a claim for disrepair. We always take this into consideration when we represent you. If you live in England, you may have additional protection from retaliatory evictions.

This is a unique service, with very few Solicitors firm being able to offer you this NO WIN NO FEE covered by insurance guarantee. So please do not suffer in silence, if you are worried about disrepair then please call our team for further advice and assistance on whether we can help you.

How much compensation might you be eligible for?

Here is an example of how much compensation you may be eligible for. Please note, that every case is dealt with separately, it will depend on the extent of the disrepair, how long you have been suffering, how much rent you pay and whether there are any health issues associated with your claim.

“This year we obtained over £4,000 pounds (after costs) for two of our clients who had been living in a dilapidated property for over seven years. The landlord had refused to repair the property and had ignored each one of our clients’ complaints, even threatening to evict our clients. After obtaining judgment on the rogue landlord, we secured a charge against another one of the landlord’s properties, forcing him to pay our clients’ costs and compensation”.