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By law, all landlords in Wales must register with Rent Smart Wales, and if they manage their own properties they must also have a licence from Rent Smart Wales. If they have a letting agent acting on their behalf they are required to be licenced as agents not the landlord themselves. If dealing with a letting agent ask if they are licenced with Rent Smart Wales. This is required by law in order to operate their business. Look out of the Rent Smart Wales logo.

The registration and licensing scheme has been introduced to help ensure good standards of management of private rented properties. You should always ask the landlord if they are licensed when viewing a property. If you are unsure if your landlord is registered you can search Rent Smart Wales

It is an offence not to be registered and/or licenced. The consequences include:

Fixed Penalty Notices (of either £150/£250)
Rent Repayment Orders
Rent Stopping Orders
Criminal Prosecutions and Fines

If you require assistance or want further information please contact our housing department on 0330 123 1131.