Corporate Social Responsibility

We are dedicated to being a responsible contributing member of society, seeking to build strong relationships with the local community.

Our current charity partnerships are with The Wallich and Friends of Animals Wales.


The Wallich is a Welsh homelessness charity that operates under three core objectives: getting people off the streets; keeping people off the streets; and creating opportunities for people.

Running more than 70 diverse projects, across 19 local authorities, The Wallich works with more than 8,000 people experiencing homelessness each year and across Wales.

  • Getting people off the streets 

The Wallich’s Rough Sleepers’ Intervention Teams (RSITs) operate in Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend and Newport and Wrexham every morning.

  • Keeping people off the streets

The Wallich works tirelessly to identify the causes of homelessness and match them with longer-term solutions. Suitable hostels, supported and temporary accommodation all provide a shelter. Other support services, including substance misuse and mental health management, work with vulnerable people to develop and prevent future homelessness.

  • Creating opportunities for people

Structured learning and employment programmes at The Wallich encourage participants to use their current skills, or gain new ones, in order to get back into volunteering, education or employment.


Twitter: @TheWallich

Instagram: @homelessinwales



An animal rescue based in South Wales, staffed by volunteers, working and re-homing across the UK.

The rescue is run completely by volunteers who are responsible for home visiting, transporting, fostering, promoting adoption, fund raising and many other tasks.

Wonky Club

The Wonky 500 club was launched in July 2014 to raise funds to go towards the upkeep of the rescue base Wonky Towers and towards the cost of medical treatment and care for their long-term residents.

They have some fantastic foster homes that are happy to foster animals ‘long-term’. Any animal that has ongoing health issues or is very senior will not be ‘adopted’ in the official sense but will remain in long-term foster care under their wing for the rest of their days. They can make sure that they support the foster home and ensure that the expensive veterinary treatments are paid for and they always get the care that they require. As you can imagine, this doesn’t come cheap.

They now have a major project for a bigger and better Wonky Towers.

In 2015 they launched the Wonky Towers phase 2 Appeal to open their own rescue centre right here in RCT, a bigger Wonky Towers where they can help even more animals than they already do.

A place for new members of the Wonky Dog and Cat Club whilst they see specialists, somewhere comfortable for dogs that come in needing veterinary treatment or whilst they are waiting to move to foster homes.

A place for the animals that need extra help because they have issues, as well as an infection free environment, for puppies when they come into our care.

A warm and cosy place for cats and kittens whilst they wait for forever homes and where nursing mums can be secure and untroubled as well as somewhere for the other small animals we are asked to help.

Their initial target to get this off the ground is a staggering £50,000 and since they launched they have already raised over £10,000 so they are on the way but still have a long way to go. We at NewBold Solicitors aim to help them on their journey.


Our employees are making a difference through involvement with our chosen charities. The giving of our time and expertise is beneficial both for the personal development of the staff who get involved and the communities within which we work and live.