Payment Options

Solicitors can be expensive, some charge £300.00 even £500.00 an hour. Suddenly you are faced with paying legal costs of £20,000.00, your claim has to end before it has concluded and as well as the stress of the actual case, you now have the stress of paying your Solicitor. We do things differently, we understand that Solicitors costs can prohibit bringing claims. It can stop our Clients from having access to justice.

At the same time, Clients need the very best legal advice and support, which often goes hand in hand with expensive fees. Again, we do things differently. We can offer the very best legal advice and assistance to meet the financial constraints of all our Clients.

Grade A FeeGrade B Fee
Central London£317 p/h£242 p/h
Barrister Direct AccessFrom £250 p/hUp to £500 p/h
Central Manchester£217 p/h£192 p/h
Central Birmingham £217 p/h£192 p/h
Newbold Solicitors£190 p/h£160 p/h

The legal costs are significantly less but the advice and client service are much better. We know this as we have awards, accreditations, testimonials and independent surveys to prove it.

Most of the online advice agencies are not regulated, they will limit the advice and support they are able to provide you with. They cannot sign legal documents, they cannot attend Court, they cannot provide you with an all-round legal service.

Agents are prohibited from representing you at Court or providing legal advice pursuant to the Legal Services Act 2007 and CPR 22. Despite this, they often charge more than we charge Clients.

We are dedicated to providing a first-class client experience, providing you with the very best legal advice and winning cases for you. Our talented team are dedicated to providing access to justice.

The Options

Select an option below to read more, or for help choosing the right payment option, please call us on 0330 123 1131.

  • Settling fees as they arise

    The Client will be provided with the lawyers charge out rate, their level of experience, an estimate of the timescale to complete the work and an estimate of the costs we expect to raise.

    The Client will be asked to make a minimum payment on account of their costs, as the work progresses, the lawyer will produce invoices and providing the invoices are raised correctly and do not exceed the estimated costs (without your approval), you will be asked to pay them on an ongoing basis.

    This can often place a burden on our Clients who do not have the finance to pay the ongoing invoices. However, some prefer to pay costs this way because once the case has concluded, no other costs are due. Any cost order made in our client’s favour will often have costs paid returned to our Clients.

  • Deferred Payment

    This is an arrangement whereby the firm will wait until the end of the case before the firm asks for payment. This arrangement is only considered when all the options above have been considered and exhausted and the case has been considered carefully for risk.

  • Instalments

    This arrangement is very popular with our Clients. It allows the client to decide how much they are able to pay each month, it allows the Client to spread the cost of paying their legal bills.

    We agree with you how much you can afford, how complex the case is and how long it will take to complete and then together, an instalment figure will be agreed.

    If an instalment is agreed and broken, then all the costs due will be requested in one lump sum payment.

  • Insurance

    We may be able to offer you legal expenses insurance as an option for payment, this means that we will only charge you if we win your case, the insurance company will pay your legal costs if you are unsuccessful. This is often known as ‘NO WIN NO FEE’ or a conditional fee arrangement.

    Please check that you do not have any insurance to cover this with your own home or motor insurance policy. If you would like to explore this further, then please speak to our staff. It is sadly not available for conveyancing matters, probate or wills, or some family and property disputes.

  • Debit & Credit Cards

    We do accept both, but credit cards are taken at our discretion. We will try and accommodate you if we can.

    As a law firm we are unable to provide our clients with financial advice, what will be their best option for payment and what the most suitable product is for them.

    You may wish to take advantage of our £60.00 (inclusive of vat) initial advice scheme. We provide 40 minutes advice for Landlords.


  • No Win - No Fee

    We have a service that is able to offer a solution to your funding problems. We have a unique NO WIN NO FEE service. We do not ask you for our fees upfront, we only charge if we are successful and it is usual that your Landlord pays our costs. There may be some costs that do come out of any damages (compensation) that you receive, but we will always explain this to you at the outset, and always ensure that they are fair and transparent. If you are unsuccessful (which is very rare), then we have a unique insurance policy an (ATE) that we can arrange which will pay the Landlords costs. The insurance is free if you are unsuccessful.