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If you have a tenant in occupation, or you are intending to buy a property to let out, it really is fraught with problems. Have you served the correct notices? (recent changes in the law have resulted in changes to the notice requirements), are you buying or selling in England or Wales? (as devolved powers has resulted in different legal requirements)? Have you complied with Rent Smart Wales? If you have not, then you may not be able to sell your property with vacant possession. You may find yourself in breach of contract.

Are you purchasing a claim from the outgoing Landlord? For example, is there disrepair at the property that you may not have been notified of by the seller? Is the tenant in rent arrears? Have you complied with Rent Smart Wales? What is the status of the tenant in occupation? Can you recover possession when you decide you want to? The list of questions are to numerous too list here.

The law of Landlord and Tenant is very complex, the law constantly changes with new legislation constantly evolving. So, if you are buying-to-let, or you are selling your buy-to-let, you not only have the usual conveyancing issues to deal with, but also the regulations dealing with housing law.

Here at Newbold Solicitors we have a unique department, where the conveyancers are also trained in housing law. If the matter is very complex, we have a dedicated team of housing lawyers that can assist the buy-to-let team.

You pay no more for their advice (unless the complexity of the issue results in the matter involving the housing department), but you can be rest assured you will be buying a property free from the various and complex breaches in regulations. Here at Newbold Solicitors we understand the commercial aspects of renting, we are here to make rental profitable for you because mistakes can cost thousands of pounds to rectify.