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If a person occupies your property without a right to do so, it’s likely that they are a squatter. Squatting is a form of trespassing. Since 2012 a person found squatting in a residential property may be committing a criminal offence.

For landlords, it may also be a criminal offence to try and use force, violence or threats to evict a squatter from a property.

If you find yourself in this kind of situation, it is advisable to gain expert legal advice to ensure that you lawfully obtain possession of the property and lawfully evict the occupiers.

The law surrounding trespass is complex. It is not always easy to confirm whether the occupier is a squatter or a tenant. Depending on the status of the occupier, different procedures need to be followed to gain possession of a property.

Attempting to evict squatters without seeking legal advice can be very risky as this is a complex area of law.

If you believe that you have a property that is now occupied by squatters, or you require advice about other forms of trespass, then contact our experienced housing solicitors on 01446 789359 or email us at housing@newboldsolicitors.com