Boundary Disputes

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Although most people assume they know where the boundaries of their land lay, boundaries can and do change over time due to (for example) a change in the course of a river, the growth of hedges and poorly planned construction work.

Sometimes, a boundary dispute arises due to an error when buying or selling land, when someone doesn’t correctly outline the boundaries of their property.

Having a long-standing disagreement with your neighbour over the precise limits of your land can result in long, drawn-out lawsuit. Such disputes also tend to become bitter as parties often feel that the peace and quiet of their home have been disturbed.

Having an unresolved boundary dispute can lower the price of land you are trying to sell and can even result in you not being able to sell your land.

If you have a boundary dispute or suspect you may have a boundary dispute, please contact our Property Advice Line to book a 40-minute consultation for only £60.00 including VAT. Our solicitors have years of experience in this area and would be glad to help you resolve this issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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